The best varieties of Pu'er tea ranking Pu'er tea which is better? , Ranking list of the best varieties of Pu’er tea

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Hi everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the ranking of the best varieties of Pu’er tea, so the editor has sorted out a related Introduce the answer to the ranking of the best varieties of Pu'er tea, let us have a look together. Which Pu-erh tea is better? Which Pu-erh tea is better? There is no superior quality of tea, but good taste is the best. Pu-erh tea is divided into cooked tea and raw tea. The old Pu-erh tea can first smell a faint fragrance. The color: after soaking, it is ruddy, transparent and bright ruby red (it is best to use a transparent glass to observe the light). : Should be plump, mellow and silky. The best varieties of Pu’er tea rank 1. Laobanzhang Laobanzhang Shanzhai, the village is prosperous because of tea, the people are rich because of tea, and the place is famous because of tea. Since the beginning of the new century, along with the revival of Pu'er tea, the natural beauty of Laobanzhang tea has been recognized and fascinated by more and more Pu'er tea lovers and high-end consumers, and its reputation has spread far and wide. 2. Icelandic Icelandic tea refers to the Icelandic big-leaf tea produced in Mengku Icelandic Village in Lincang City, Yunnan Province, which is a kind of Puer tea. It is characterized by a long-lasting aftertaste, and a stronger and more delicate sweetness than other teas. 3. Mansong Mansong's unique deep and introverted white flower fragrance runs through the whole drinking process. When the tea is new, you can already drink the thick, pure moistness and smoothness of the tea soup. In the new tea, when the production process is normal, only the ancient Mansong tree can do it. From the opening of the soup to the last steeping, the tea soup is still bright yellow and clear, light and translucent, and the taste is also elegant and rich. 4. Naka Naka is the transliteration of the Lahu nationality, also written as Naka, Laka, Naka, the name of the hilltop of the Pu’er tea production area, Naka ancient tree tea refers to the tea tree that grows in the natural environment on this hilltop for more than a hundred years produced Pu-erh tea. Naka is Yunnan Pu'er tea produced in a Lahu village of Damanlu Village Committee in the Mengsong tea area of Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture. 5. Xiguixigui tea has become very popular in the tea industry in recent years because of its extremely high aroma and extremely cold fragrance. After drinking Xigui and drinking other teas, you will feel tasteless and fragranceless, so overbearing. Pu'er tea is relatively rare in raw tea, known as the most domineering Pu'er raw tea in Yunnan. Drinking tea mainly depends on personal preference, and the taste is better! So far, the above is the introduction of the editor’s question about the ranking of the best varieties of Pu’er tea. I hope that the one-point answer about the ranking of the best varieties of Pu’er tea will be useful to everyone.

The best varieties of Pu'er tea ranking Pu'er tea which is better? , Ranking list of the best varieties of Pu’er tea


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