What is the personality of Libra? ,Libra personality traits girls

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Hi everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about the personality of Libra, so I have compiled 2 related answers to introduce the personality of Libra, let us together Let's see. What is the personality of Libra? What is the character of Libra? What is the personality of Libra? 1. Libra hovers between positive and negative, and swings between left and right; the frequency of repeated thinking is extremely high, and the swing is extremely small. 2. In adversity, if Libras cannot show their strengths, they will become timid, cowardly, and evade reality over time. Only by finding their own sky and working in a suitable environment can Libras get a normal body and mind growing up. 3. Require fairness in everything, and strongly oppose unfair things, which is the most obvious part of Libra's personality. He takes a fierce attitude towards unreasonable things, either angry or indifferent. 4. Libras are ruled by Venus, which affects their love of pursuing peace and harmony; Libras are elegant, easy-going and gentle, and have strong social skills, but indecision is the biggest problem. 5. They require balance in everything. Maintaining relationships with others is his goal in life. They are most likely to feel lonely and often feel empty in their hearts. Although sharing is his motto in life, it is a pity that he tends to add his own set of ideas For other people, as the saying goes, "Use your own ruler to measure others' standards", Libra friends should be careful about this. 6. Don't like to make decisions, because they don't know how to decide, they like to escape from reality, hesitant, at a loss, and don't know what to do next. They are most afraid of loneliness, friends are very important to them, and Libra hopes that their partner will be with him 24 hours a day! 7. Libras are not weak when they tell lies. Their lies are absolutely plausible and confident. It seems that it is not his/her fault, but your fault, which makes you feel guilty after hearing it. So most of the lawyers are Libras, don't they all look righteous when they speak in court? Moreover, Libra will definitely work hard on lies, and even write lies in the notebook for exam preparation. After all, it is better to tell less lies. What is the character of Libra? Libras can be very enthusiastic about good friends Libra’s most-evaluated keywords—Gao Lengdi, Tsundere Beast, Tangled Force, Passive Coffee, Details Control, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Pessimistic Disease, Slow Heat Cancer, Inner Drama, Acting School, Glass Heart, Masochist, Single-minded, Clingy, Wooden Man, Mensao Dog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In fact, Libra didn't say anything, and Libra didn't want to say anything. Libra likes to delete things, Libra is afraid of leaving memories, Libra hopes that others will understand Libra. Because Libra can't say anything, Libra is most afraid of trouble, afraid of trouble for himself and trouble for others. Many people can't stand Libra, and Libra can't stand themselves especially in many cases. Libra is not hypocritical, but Libra thinks he is cheap. Libra is in a very bad, very bad, very bad mood now.. Libra can be very enthusiastic with good friends, chatting non-stop in a mess; with more ordinary friends, he is very cold, and can't talk much The sentence is silent. Libra cherishes friends who are good to him/her very much, and he feels that they are bad, so he will alienate them intentionally. Libra has many ordinary friends and few good friends. Libra is very lonely, often alone. Eating alone, going to school alone, shopping alone, and staring alone, this is Libra. Libra is eloquent, but he doesn't like to explain when he is misunderstood by others. Don't ask why, just don't like to explain. Don't like to hurt anyone, would rather hurt yourself. When the outlook is not optimistic, he will calmly say hate words to the person he likes, and he will say what he means. A family that eats soft but not hard. If you are soft, Libra will have no temper with you. If you are hard, the scales will be more horizontal than you. According to a survey, the one with the least murder record among the twelve constellations is the kind-hearted Libra. Libra is a constellation that cannot stay alone for a long time. He has been looking for a harbor for docking all his life, meeting you in the dark, liking you, and falling in love with you. With a loved one, they are used to sticking together every day. Even if they have to separate temporarily because of work needs, they will maintain the closest contact. The final result is often that Libra will go to where you are regardless of anything and accompany you. , because of love, so used to rely on each other. Libra is gentle, elegant and personable; in front of others, he will always look detached, bearish, and good-natured; under the mask: he pays great attention to self-awareness, and needs the affirmation of others. They have a great desire for performance, and they will be very satisfied no matter what the occasion is, as long as they are affirmed, they like the feeling of being a public figure, and at the same time they are a little narcissistic. Libras are always the weakest when it comes to grabbing stuff. The things that belong to me are always taken away by others and they still look indifferent, always leaving people with a cowardly and useless image. In fact, it's not that Libra is incapable of fighting for it, it's just that Libra understands a truth, there is no need to fight for what really belongs to him. This is not an advantage, but a disadvantage, just an innate personality of Libra. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the personality of the Libra. I hope that the 2-point answers about the personality of the Libra will be useful to everyone.

What is the personality of Libra? ,Libra personality traits girls


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