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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of Pet Island, which will also explain the download of Pet Island Livly. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, Let's get started now! List of contents in this article: 1. How to get to Pet Island of Master Planet Builder 2. Where to catch Little Tata 3. How to get Rambofovo in Super Evolved Locke Kingdom 4. How to catch Brave Glory pets 5. Ball Battle Pets Where is the nest? 6. Where is Pet Island after tomorrow? How to go to Planet Builder Pet Island? In the game, different pets require different breakthrough materials. Players only need to collect as many items as possible in the map. Finally, when the collected materials reach the number, the system will prompt a breakthrough, just click on the pet to make a breakthrough. Steps for the planet builder to pass through the wall: first go to the home of the planet builder. You don’t need to go inside the house, press the shift button in the lower left corner of the keyboard, and then go out of the home. When you want to go through the wall, press the shift button in the lower left corner of the keyboard. Transfer pets to Pet Master. As long as the pet is domesticated, the pet can become yours afterwards, but the level will become one level, and the star level will not change. When the pet level is raised, the attributes will remain the same. First click to open "Planet Builder", click to enter the main interface of "Planet Builder". Secondly, after entering the main interface of the game, click on a random match to enter the waiting interface. Finally, after entering the waiting interface, click the plus sign to invite your friends, and click Match to add your own map. Get mounts through activities. "Planet Constructor" is a multiplayer online sandbox game with a high degree of freedom. The way for masters to obtain mounts in the game is to obtain mounts through activities. Where to catch Little Tata 1. Pet Island on Juling Island. After the Locke Kingdom was upgraded in Pet Island, many scenes and pet level distributions have changed. Pet Island, Little Tata is one of the pets that can evolve. Pet Island, Little Tata obtained (evolved) location: Pet Island in Juling Island. 2. Note: In the pet island, you can directly challenge the small tower to capture and get the small tower. When catching, it is recommended to bring a pet with the skill of compassion to capture Pet Island; for example, Kawazhong, Gal, etc. have this skill. 3. The center of Vesuvius. According to the query on the official website of "Kingdom of Locke", it can be seen that the small tower of the Kingdom of Locke evolved in the center of Vesuvius and super-evolved into Durotar. "Rocke Kingdom" is a web game published and operated by Tencent Game Rubik's Cube Studio Group. It was officially tested on July 15, 2010. 4. Only small towers can be combined to produce the king of beasts, and small towers do not need to be leveled. No matter how many levels can be synthesized, the combined result will always be level 1. 5. In the kingdom, players become little magicians one by one, learn magic in the kingdom, and fight side by side with their beloved pets. The main gameplay of the game is collection and battle. Players can obtain powerful pets through scene capture, completion of mission activities, etc., and compete with each other through competitions such as ladder competitions and departmental ranking competitions. How to get Rambofervo in Mega Evolution Locke Kingdom 1. Where to get Rambofervo: Open the big map, you can see a Rambofervo icon. After clicking to enter, you can come to the location of Lanbo Fuwo's unevolved form of Lanbo, where you can get it. 2. First open "Rocke Kingdom" is an online green community web game developed by Rubik's Cube Studio and published by Tencent. Next, click on the pet store to buy the materials for the super-evolution of the blue wave aster. Finally, click on the backpack and select "Blue Swan", and use all the super-evolved materials to succeed. 3. Question 10: In addition to Love Nana, there is another pet in the North Sea of the Locke Kingdom, Lanboyuan. It can be combined into Lanbotu, then combined into Lanborui, and finally combined into Lanbofuwo. How to capture pets in Glory of the Brave? In Glory of the Brave, players can click to enter pet islands of different levels according to their level in Dungeon-Pet. After entering the pet island, they must click Explore to find the trace of the pet. When approaching the pet, The poke ball will pop up automatically, prompting everyone to capture it. , and then you can directly capture pets. In "Glory of the Brave", players can enter the corresponding pet island according to their level, and use the elf ball to catch naive magic pets. Whether it's a gentle and cute big-eared rabbit or a noble unicorn, they can accompany you to spend a good time. Quick upgrade of the main task In "Glory of the Brave", the main task is an important source of experience for the warriors in the early stage. [Monster Invasion] is the first mission for the warriors to come to the mainland for adventure. Players can turn on the automatic exploration function to free their hands, and they can also experience more real game fun through self-experience. Play Glory of the Brave (Soul Ring Attack Speed Edition) and download it through Fenglin Mobile Games: http://pro.1429com/? ct=shouyou&ac=info&gid=5655. After entering the game, click on the exclusive toolbar on the left, where there are detailed guides for the game, as well as gift packs and discount coupons for newcomers to claim, more discounts for recharging, and interoperability across platforms. So how can you get the god costume in "Glory of the Brave"? The following editor summarizes some ways to obtain the god costume, let's take a look together. Dear warriors, the Korean-style magic MMOA RPG mobile game "Glory of the Brave" created by Maowan Huyu has been shockingly released. Where is the pet nest in the ball battle 1. The new pet system is added, and our ball battle process is finally no longer lonely. If you find the monster system in the game, you can see a wide variety of pets. If you recruit monsters, you will have a chance to get the corresponding monster fragments, which can be unlocked after accumulating the required number. 2. There are more battles with balls, big monsters, and little puddings. First of all, open the ball game and log in to your own account. Secondly, find more after entering the game. This mode can be seen under More Options, Big Monster and Little Pudding. 3. Open the ball battle game, and you can see Haiyu Paradise on the game page. Click on Sea Island Paradise, you can see three towers, the second tower is Bailang Manor. 4. To enter the ball battle, you can select Dazzle Light on the magic house page, select products according to your needs, click buy, and use dragon eggs to purchase. Equipment: Mi 11 System: MIUI15 Software: Ball Battle 17 First enter the main page and click on the Magic House option. Select the Glare option on the left. 5. Ball Battle Star Manor After opening the Ball Battle game, you can see Star Manor on the game page. "Battle Ball" is the world's most popular leisure competitive mobile game masterpiece, the common choice of hundreds of millions of players, this is a super fun, super cute, super challenging casual competition that can be played against global players in real time game. 6, respectively in the four corners of the map. The numbers on the map of "Battle of Balls" are in the four corners of the map. "Battle of Balls" is a free mobile online game independently developed by Giant Network SuperpopLollipop studio. It was released in mainland China by Giant Network on May 27, 2015. Where is Pet Island after tomorrow? 1. On an island in the sea. First, open the game after tomorrow and log in to your account. Next, enter the main interface of the game and click on the island in the sea area. Finally, you can find Yard when you come to the island in the sea area. 2. When you come to the island in the autumn forest, generally Dorothy Harvey exists in the main island or in the sub-island 1, the coordinates are 1597, -597, the detailed location: first you need to have the bite. Then you need to come to the island in the autumn forest. Generally, he exists in the main island or in the sub-island 1. 3.: Temporarily hide in the rocks on the hillside, observe the dialogue between the two NPCs, then board the ship docked beside it, open the "rough storage box", pick up two items, then switch weapons, recommend Leto, defeat the map There are several monsters that appear, and then talk to the crew NPC. That's all for the introduction of Pet Island. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don't forget to search for more information about Pet Island Livly download and Pet Island.

Pet Island➻Pet Island Livly Download


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