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This article will talk about romantic waltz and the knowledge points corresponding to romantic waltz piano music. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. Contents of this article: 1. Is the artistic style of waltz works romanticism or realism? Is it romanticism or realism? Romanticism imagines a magnificent romantic waltz, exaggerates the romantic waltz, and is passionate. The details of realism are true, the image is typical, and the description is objective. The origin of art is different In the literary tradition, medieval chivalry legends have a direct relationship with romanticism, and the word romanticism comes from the word legend. His works are filled with the passion of romanticism, and a large number of his deep, vivid and sharp comments have played a positive and important role in guiding the healthy development of social music thoughts and criticizing vulgar and backward music concepts. "Piano Poet"-Chopin Chopin (1810-1849) Polish pianist and composer. Waltz has also played a great role in promoting the popularization of classical ballet art, and many classic works of art are developed on the basis of waltz. The third beat is an upbeat, and other chords are played in the higher range. In the second half of the eighteenth century, Mozart, a composer of the Viennese classical music school, wrote nearly fifty short, powerful waltzes with folk style, called "German Dances". After that, Schubert wrote more than two hundred waltzes for piano solo. Song and dance drama is a comprehensive performance form that uses singing and dancing as the main means of artistic expression to show dramatic content. Dance drama is a dance work that uses dance as the main means of artistic expression, and integrates music, stage art (costumes, scenery, lighting, props), etc., to express a certain drama content. Realism is an artistic trend of thought that appeared in Western Europe in the 19th century, opposite to Romanticism. Because most of the works of realist artists expose and criticize the dark side of the society they live in, they are also called critical realism. Impressionist painting romantic waltz: also known as Impressionist painting. Can anyone recommend me some waltzes, romantic waltzes, also waltzes, commonly called waltzes. A waltz is also a waltz. You can find some piano pieces named after "so-and-so waltz" and choose the difficulty you need. Chopin has some waltzes, but it is best not to choose his works. Chopin's waltzes have always been famous for their beauty, elegance and magnificence. , but due to the complex rhythm changes, it is not suitable for actual dance. Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss. The song was originally a vocal piece. Known as Austria's "unofficial second national anthem". 3 The artist's career The original dance is one of the most famous waltzes of Johann Strauss. Made in 1867. Let’s talk about tango first~ I think the dance music of Cinderella’s Miracle is the most suitable, of course, that dance is also very good~ In addition, you can search for some Argentine dance music, and you will find some tango dance music. The next album is better than the quality of the next single. Recommend a Chinese name: Vienna Waltz Resource type: APE Version: MLJ6007 Album artist: Hugo Record introduction: Album introduction: "Vienna Waltz", one of the Hugo dance music series, includes many familiar songs waltz. Because of the slow rhythm, the slow three dances are more stable, but they do not lose their vitality. Waltz is a manifestation of the artistic beauty of the body and the embodiment of human temperament. Dance music: Tennessee national standard slow three; women's waltz in cheongsam; waltz of love; edelweiss. . These can be found on Baidu. Magic Baby 2--Magic Baby 2 [Strategy] Romantic waltz to Lemuel Mountain on Kurux Island (331, 361); talk to miner Yasidi to choose whether to enter the old road. 2 You can get a set of 'blue phoenix feathers' (6 pieces) randomly dropped by defeating enemies in the old way. Encyclopedia introduction: "Magic Baby", as a Japanese-style cartoon-style online game, is undoubtedly entertaining. Similarly, it is an online game with a complex and distinct social system based on a huge world view. There is no doubt about the sociality embodied in the game system and the ideology expressed in the game connotation. Magic Baby 0 Marriage System When you get married, go to the Great Church and invite some friends to celebrate with you and it's OK. The way to get the title is as follows: Task Reward: Permanent Title: Romanticist Task Analysis: 1 Go to Brown Mountain on Minegal Island to defeat the monster and get 1 piece of 'Red Phoenix Feather'. Games that can raise pets can play Obi Island Dreamland and Minecraft - Dogs and Cats. The mobile game version of "Obi Island" has many familiar elements, and it is full of intimacy when playing. As a casual game pet is naturally indispensable. Usually you answer its questions and it will remember it, and then play online games with others: Neopets Romantic Manor Riel Elf Pet Forest Magic Baby Ⅱ Angel Pet Dream Home (Nana Mimi: ) pet revelations! ) The small games similar to Moore Manor should be fun, don't play "My Little Fool" and "Obie Island". Tens of thousands of well-designed tasks will run through the game, and various thoughtful designs will accompany the player's growth. Romance, warmth, cuteness and relaxation will be the eternal theme of the game. 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Romantic Waltz➣Romantic Waltz Piano


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