How to build a website by yourself, how to quickly build a website by yourself? , How to build a website by yourself

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Hi everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about how to build a website by yourself, so the editor has compiled 2 related answers about how to build a website by yourself, so that Let's see it together. How to quickly build a website by yourself? How to build a website by yourself? How to quickly build a website by yourself? How to quickly build a website of your own, as a novice Xiaobai, how to start? With the development of the Internet, more and more people are aware of the importance of having a website, a website is a display of information Channels can also bring certain business opportunities, so how should a novice Xiaobai plan to build a website? Let me tell you how to build a website for novices. 1. First apply for a domain name. You have already completed the first step, so I won’t say much here. 2. Space, that is, virtual hosts, or servers. Servers are generally used to run larger systems. Ordinary people can choose virtual hosts for personal sites, and they can get one for 1-200 yuan. The premise is to recommend that everyone debug and play the website thoroughly on this machine now, and then consider buying a virtual host. 3. Website, if you have the ability to develop and make websites, there is no need to say more. If not, you can choose some mainstream personal website building programs, then download the source code, install it on the server, configure the domain name, and set the background to access through the domain name. Of course, there is a big premise here that the website needs to be filed, which is not difficult. With the server provider, if you follow the procedures, you can usually get the filing smoothly. The above is my summary of how to build a website for novices. However, if you really want to make a good website and have a very good development direction for the website in the later stage, it is best to find a professional and regular website construction company from the very beginning. Making and optimizing is the best way. Here I recommend Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Express Beauty Station and Cloud Enterprise Official Website. A novice Xiaobai can complete a website for as little as 500 yuan. They have many years of experience in website construction and website optimization in this industry, and have helped many people solve website problems. For related questions, how to build a website by yourself can still receive coupons when building a website? The website is no longer mysterious, and it is no longer a high-tech job. Ordinary users can also easily build a relatively professional website. The following is a brief introduction to some of the processes and precautions for personal website building. 1. Domain Name If you want people to visit your website, domain name is essential. The domain name should be as short as possible and easy to remember, such as the .top domain name. Of course, there are not many easy-to-remember and distinctive domain names. That's it. 2. Space To build a website, secondly, there must be a space, that is, a place to store the website. For individual users, it is recommended to purchase a virtual host. When purchasing a virtual host, look at its service, speed, response time, etc. Generally, you can choose a service provider with a certain reputation. Note: Domain name and space are currently relatively good service providers in China, such as Alibaba Cloud, Western Digital, and China Data, etc. are very good choices. 3. Website program The website program is of course a ready-made one, because there is no need for an individual to compile a website program from scratch, and he does not have the strength. Now there are ready-made website management systems on the Internet, and there are many such systems, you can choose based on your own comprehensive trial. When choosing a website program, its versatility and secondary development must also be considered. For those with poor versatility and not conducive to the second-phase development, although they are powerful, it is not recommended to use them, because it will be very troublesome to design personalized functions after the website has a certain scale. In addition, try to choose asp ( for the program, PHP, JSP, etc. are not particularly popular in China; try to use between asp and, after all, it is based on the .net architecture is the trend of development. Four, website design After choosing the website program, you need to design the website according to your own needs. Generally speaking, it is best if there are professional artists and programmers to modify. However, individual webmasters may not necessarily have such conditions, and can choose the service provider's smart station building. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor on how to build a website by yourself. I hope that the 2-point answer on how to build a website by yourself will be useful to everyone.

How to build a website by yourself, how to quickly build a website by yourself? , How to build a website by yourself


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