How to play No. Purcell Gatien, 2821 No. Purcell strongest elf ranking, how to play No. Purcell Gatien

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about No. Purcell The question of how to fight Gatien, so the editor compiled an answer about how to fight Gatien on the Purcell, let us have a look together. 2821 Purcell's strongest elf ranking 2821 Purcell's strongest elf ranking 1. Holy Spirit Pony: recognized as the strongest, with a fixed BAN of 820. Whether it is in terms of plot or strength, it can be said to be against the sky. There are many vocabularies or videos on the Internet about hanging and beating. 2. Retribution of Light · Incarus: This is an elf that even civilian players have, but its release rate is lower than that of emperors. It is because of its explosive output, unless there are countermeasures or lineups for players who have released mantis rampantly, otherwise the title of "one-knife super-worm" is not for nothing. Emperor Jun only sees it for a few seconds when facing it. It is the elf of Purcell BAN second only to the holy spectrum. 3. Apocalypse Emperor: The ultimate map cannon, the first individual soldier. Of course, this single soldier refers to the face-to-face Holy Book. If the two are 6V6 to the end at the same time, as long as the emperor is stable, after killing the most difficult elf at the moment, it is useless for the opponent to attack the elf again. Basically, it's a go-ahead one, because there is no blood left. It is not an exaggeration to call him the strongest elf in team battles. 4. Hanyu Xinghuang: Needless to say, the irritable emperor is an elf with a relatively strong soul seal. From 2017 to now, he has been a first-line elf. It can be seen how terrible the annual fee increase after 2016 is. Therefore, you don’t need to charge money to play the Purcell number, but the annual fee is necessary. Because you can buy a BAN position, or buy a main force. Star King's comprehensive ability is strong, and he is a first-line elf except the current BAN position, and can even be said to be the first person under the fixed BAN position. 5. Hunyuan Tianzun: The main reason why Tianzun is banned is because there are too many! Because players in 2019 basically have Tianzun, whether they are current players, returning players, novices, etc. Tianzun is common, and I think the most disgusting thing about Tianzun is his detonation of the soul seal after three rounds of expulsion and killing. Three rounds of detonation can turn the situation around, and the random and forced change of spirits at the beginning is the most comfortable to play with a script. It can be said that this elf is relatively brainless, and it is enough to open the attribute and directly receive the ultimate move of 150. 6. Chaos Lord Sorensen: Players know the strength of Mr. Suo best. A single person with a chaos system does not know how many peak elves have been discouraged. And because of its existence, zone defense, and scripts, it can't play cards according to common sense at all, and it's fast in seconds. It can be said that if the elf is the most valuable besides the annual fee and holy spectrum, it should be the demon king Sorensen. PVP/PVE is universal, with remarkable strength, it is necessary to hit the machine cover with one shot. 7. Sacred Armor Gaia: Rebounding panacea, the elves that die from his hands can circle the earth for an unknown number of times, but there are definitely many. And this is the only miracle that can be an ordinary elf, and is still a first-line elf until today. It really followed the sentence "You are strong and you are strong, no matter how high the red injury is, what's the use? And I just need to go out, and you will die!" , the damage increased again. In an instant, it changed from PVE to PVP. When T1 combat power: Pony Pony is the king of the holy spirit system. There are not many elves who can fight Pony in the animation, but none of them can defeat Pony. (The evil star should be stronger than Pony with the power of two gems) T2 combat power: Sorensen, evil star, unicorn, Morgos, Kubesa, evil spirit beast, Sorensen are considered to be Pony The dark side, but the strength is not as strong as Pony. The evil star without gems is equivalent to Qilin. With gems, it is better than Zhanlian plus Qilin. Mogos also performed well in the movie. He is a ruthless character. Zhanlian is in the animation It has been said that Kubesa is as powerful as the evil star, and the evil spirit beast is a super-evolved body of the evil spirit beast, which was sealed with endless energy by Miris Gastao. T3 Combat Strength: Miris, Stao, Wesker, Ryles, Pan Luo, Harvey, Renault, Primordial Spirit Beast, Traxius, Modo, and Miris are mysterious and powerful in the animation Elves, unfortunately, have evolutionary retardation, Stao replaced his father as the new Protoss King, and realized the power of the starry sky. The scepter Wesker completely crushed Black, but it happened to be restrained by Miris, and Riles could suppress You Nika, Panluo, and Xiaomi are about the same strength. Hawei is a flying dragon beast. The performance in the animation should be close to t2 combat power but not up to the standard. Renault has no actual performance in the movie, but it should have t3 combat power level. The ancestor spirit In the animation of the beast, it shows strong healing ability, which is stronger than Ice Fox and Firefox. Tracius can fight Hamlet and Palodia, and Modo is Hamlet's uncle, so the strength is naturally good. T4 Combat Strength: Hades, Ruiz, Rey, Immortal Feather, Hermes, Miles, Phoenix Beast, Dark Night Ice Fox, Nine-Tailed Firefox, Paris, Fish Dragon King, Balrog, Uni Card, Hamlet, Parodia, Bea, Eric, and Hades once obtained one-third of the power of the evil spirit beast, absorbed the power of the four subordinates and improved again, and were finally awakened by Ray for a short time Defeated, Ruiz is stronger than anyone in the Battle League, Rey can defeat Hades after a short awakening, the undead feathers have the power of the rebirth gem, Hermes is slightly stronger than Rey, Miles is equal to Rey, Phoenix In movie 1, the gods and beasts are stronger than Rey in the combination of robots, ice fox and Firefox are tied, the beast god Parry is weaker than the king of the gods, stronger than Ace and Lava, the king of fish and dragons is against the Balrog, Eunika and Parodia is the same as the four evil spirits, Hamlet is comparable to Parodia, and they have teamed up to fight against Thrashus, Bea Wyvern seat Thunderbolt female dragon, the strength is not as good as Harvey, Eric is Rey and Guy Ya's elder brother is stronger than the two younger brothers. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor to the question of how to fight the Purcell Gatien. I hope that the one-point answer about how to fight the Purcell Gatien will be useful to everyone.

How to play No. Purcell Gatien, 2821 No. Purcell strongest elf ranking, how to play No. Purcell Gatien


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