16-year-old body art, what good-looking body art is there? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about 16-year-old body art, so the editor has sorted out an answer related to the introduction of 16-year-old body art, let us work together Let's see. Any good body art? Any good body art? Hello dear, I am happy to answer your questions. Body art, including body sculpture, body oil painting, body photography, body Chinese painting, body print, etc. Body oil painting has always been the most important painting mainstream in the history of Western art. However, due to the history of Western art, The painting genres are rich and colorful, and the body painting styles of each painting genre are full of flowers. For the 20th century, the painting genres of modern art focus on expressing the painter's subjective emotions and individualized artistic language. Therefore, the painting genres of modern art, its human body On the contrary, their paintings do not necessarily express beauty, such as the Cubist painter Picasso, the Paris school painter Modigliani, and the Vienna Secession painter Schiele. The female bodies under the brush are all sick and deformed. However, in the history of Western art The female body oil paintings of the classical oil painting genre must express the sublime, holy, and elegant aesthetic feeling. However, the body oil paintings in the history of Western art contain rich and deep information, connotations and cultural heritage, and they are not just good-looking. Oil painting of the human body simply expresses good-looking, soft and beautiful female body, delicate and white skin, plump body, and beautiful face. Chiro's huge body mural "The Last Judgment" is not only an encyclopedia of the human body, but the most important thing is that the painter expressed a magnificent and tragic atmosphere. Michelangelo expressed all the good, evil, beauty and ugliness he witnessed in the world through this The magnificent murals show that justice is used to punish all crimes. Venetian painter Giorgione's human body oil painting "Venus Sleeping" in the painting is reclining in the foreground of the picture, with elegant posture and fair skin. Under the reflection of the afterglow of the sunset, it looks holy, the sublime picture is quiet, and the serene atmosphere is the perfection pursued by classical painters. The holy ideal beauty is also the human body work "Spring" by the painter Ingres. The girl in the painting has a dignified and beautiful face. , with a pure expression, holding a water pot in his hand, and the spring water flowing out slowly, implying the purity of the girl. The girl's figure is well-proportioned, her skin is smooth and clean, and her head, shoulders and hips form a wave-like rhythm. Sublime and holy ideal beauty So in my humble opinion, the classic body art in the history of Western art, the human body, is a painter and sculptor to express an ideal beauty, the carrier of classical beauty. The ingenuity expresses a cultural connotation of ideal beauty, such as the statue of a bound naked slave carved by Michelangelo, which expresses the resistance and unyieldingness of fate, the physical beauty of the human body, and the contradiction of the soul have reached the highest artistic height. I am an art madman, and I am engaged in children's art education. If you have any questions about art or art education, please feel free to private message fans, friends, do you have any suggestions? Any good body art? This question can't help but remind me of some famous Western body oil paintings. For example, Da Vinci's "Leda and the Swan", Raphael's "The Three Graces", Giorgione's "Venus Sleeping", Titian's "Heavenly Love and Secular Love", etc. These are body art oil paintings that are both elegant and beautiful. And the most elegant and beautiful body art that impressed me the most is Ingres's "Grand Lady" and "Fountain". Ingres was an important French neoclassical painter in the 19th century and the chief representative of the academic school. Ingres has exquisite painting skills and rigorous painting style, and the characters in his works are famous for their beauty, richness, solemnity and elegance. "Grand Palace Lady" is a masterpiece of Ingres in his prime. In this painting, Ingres depicted a youthful woman with serene and harmonious strokes. In the picture, a fair lady is lying sideways on a bed, looking back with a charming look, her graceful and slender figure shows what people often call a devil's figure, and she releases her beauty in a quiet and elegant atmosphere. breath. "Fountain" is an oil painting of a standing female body with a frontal whole body that Ingres began to conceive in 1830. It took 26 years to complete the creation in 1856. Ingres was 76 years old this year. The masterpiece of life. In the picture, a beautiful girl stands in a vertical configuration in a green alcove. The girl holds a pottery vase filled with spring water in both hands, facing forward, with a single expression, and a pure and innocent charm in her bright eyes. The painter used velvety brush strokes without luster to depict the youthful and vigorous skin of the girl and the unique curves of the female body. The spring water pouring from the clay vase further highlights the girl's beautiful appearance and pure heart. The whole picture is solemn, beautiful, elegant and quiet, giving people the resonance of thought and the enjoyment of beauty. "Fountain" is listed as a model of body art teaching by many countries in the world, and it is now collected in the Louvre Palace in Paris. Together with Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa", it has become the treasure of the Louvre Palace. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about 16-year-old body art. I hope that the 1-point answer about 16-year-old body art will be useful to everyone.

16-year-old body art, what good-looking body art is there? ,


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